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Feb 18, 2012

Server moved, even more fun...

Ok, the server is moved. Read on for details.
Category: Server Updates
Posted by: dingonv

I moved the server to a new machine. the new machine has more ram, the new machine has more hard drive space, the new machine sits in my office :)

My work connection is a T3, so, it's plenty fast. I finally upgraded my linux box to 64it linux and 4G of ram

what this means:

I am no longer governed by my hosting accounts bandwidth limitations, and i don't have to spend more to have more ram in the hosting machine. 
With 4GB of ram we can run 4 servers at a time. If you click the servers tab, you will see 4 entries, one for each server. Each page describes that server. Go. Now. Read. Enjoy :)

Take note especially of the Whiteboard server. That one is key.

Also, on the bottom of the front page, it lists who is logged on to each of the servers, so you can find people.

The dynamic map will only be running on the main server, and again, that is where we build community stuff.

the others? well, you can go crazy...

Please try not to blow up the museum of  loadable 'schematics' that is on display on the whiteboard server. Other than that, it's in creative mode, so go nuts!

Oh, and click the WorldEdit liink on the right to find out how to really go nuts on Whiteboard. 

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